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Ramblings from the Law family (primarily Byron, but possibly Becky from time to time).

Sometime back, I observed that occasionally I wished I could share a little bit of wisdom with some (adult) people that really needed it, but were oblivious to the fact that they needed it. By no means am I a paragon of virtue from which wisdom emanates. I even wondered in a Facebook post if I, myself, was the idiot needing wisdom others wished they could impart to me.

This blog will likely highlight among other things, some wisdom I have to share, as well as failings on which I am working. Of course, someone could easily point out that wisdom is not necessarily the absence of failings, but the maturity to recognize them and do something about them. And the best wisdom of course is in recognizing the failings of others and learning from them.

So regardless of whether I am highlighting failings and sharing the courses of action I am taking or whether I am sharing nuggets of wisdom from which I feel people in general can benefit, hopefully there will be something of value that you, the reader, can glean as you read our posts.

And interspersed among the nuggets of wisdom, I hope to share gems of joy that come from living a life of purpose and creativity and possibly inspire others in their own life journeys.

If I run a series of posts that should follow in a particular order, I will designate them by starting the title with a letter (or letters) and numbers so you can readily see a post belongs to a sequence and where in that sequence it falls.

Feel free to comment and share. Engaging exchanges and civil discourses are welcomed.

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